Not sure if you need softwashing services? MJ's Softwash & Pressure Washing is here to help.

Many homeowners don't realize that "HIGH" pressure washing the Roof & Exterior of a home can cause considerable damage to it. Don't put your home in danger just to keep it looking clean, trust MJ's Softwash & Pressure Washing to clean and protect your home.

Our softwash system uses very low pressure, about as much as a garden hose. The specialized cleaning solution we use removes dirt and organic growth from home roofs and/or exterior walls without the need for high-pressure water. Our Softwash system is specifically designed to be under 100 PSI. The softwash process we use relies on the cleaning solution to do the work, not high pressure. Call MJ's Softwash & Pressure Washing for a reliable quote within the Brandon and Tampa, FL areas.

1. How do I clean my roof?

a.  ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) & ELK and GAF (the nations largest shingle manufactures) have specific guidelines on cleaning roofs to remove this growth that MJ's Softwash and Pressure Washing follow when cleaning your roof.

2. Professional Roof Cleaning should NEVER involve a pressure washer!!!

a.    Pressure washing a roof can void your shingle warranty and take YEARS off the lifespan of your roof!

3. Asphalt shingle roofs should ONLY be softwashed

a.    Don't put your home in jeopardy, let us use our chemical process and low pressure to kill any algae infestation or black mold.

4. Leftover moisture causes other problems!

a.    Gleocapsa Magma holds moisture against the shingles, this can lead to other organisms feasting on your roof such as: Lichen, Moss, Algae.  All of these organisms can cause premature granule loss and roof failure if not treated!

5. Why should I clean my roof?

There are many reasons to clean your roof, here are just a few:

a.    Cosmetic and Curb appeal
b.    Lifespan of the roof
c.    Premature aging of shingles and potential leaking
d.    Safety (algae covered roofs are dangerous to access)
e.    Cancelation of Homeowners Insurance